Conquer the Flames of Hellfire Crag (a collab with The Goblin Explorer) - Ivan Duch

Conquer the Flames of Hellfire Crag (a collab with The Goblin Explorer)


I recently had the pleasure of collaborating with The Goblin Explorer on an exciting new adventure called Hellfire Crag. As the composer for the project, I was tasked with two songs to match the intensity of the adventure.

Hellfire Crag is a thrilling 5e adventure that takes players on a journey through a fiery volcano, filled with deadly obstacles and treacherous paths. As the eruption of the volcano becomes imminent, brave adventurers must enter the fiery abyss and confront the mighty god of the mountain. With a ticking clock and high stakes, the game provides a thrilling challenge for all players.

I wrote two songs for Hellfire Crag: Eruption of Fire Mountain and The Volcano. Eruption of Fire Mountain is a fast-paced, adrenaline-fueled track that captures the urgency of the impending eruption or combat.

The Volcano, on the other hand, is a more atmospheric track that captures the mysterious and dangerous nature of the volcano with the goal of immersing players in the dangerous world of the game.

Working with The Goblin Explorer was a fantastic experience. And Matt put an amazing team together for this adventure, the attention to detail and passion and I’m excited to share with you the final product they have created.

I highly recommend checking out Hellfire Crag and experiencing the thrill of the volcano for yourself. With my music and The Goblin Explorer’s game design, it’s an adventure that’s sure to provide hours of excitement and entertainment. Don’t miss out on this epic journey to save the world from destruction.

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You can find the songs in my Venture Forth, Chapter V album. 

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