Fellowship for the Orchestra: A Quest for Fantasy Music - Ivan Duch

Fellowship for the Orchestra: A Quest for Fantasy Music

Hey fellow adventurers,

From my first note to my latest album, you’ve been the backbone of my musical journey. Now, we’re setting out on an epic quest, bigger than anything I attempted before.

🌟 Why It Matters: The Magic Behind Live Music

Think of a composer as a screenwriter and the orchestra musicians as the actors. Just like a film, a composition comes alive when real people bring their craft, experience, and emotions to it. Sure, digital samples are like AI-powered voice actors—they can do the job. But can they bring the nuances that make the experience unforgettable? No.

Remember the soundtracks that gave life to iconic TTRPG worlds—Pillars of Eternity, Lord of the Rings, Star Wars. They didn’t just accompany the story; they told their own tale, adding layers of emotion and depth. That’s the power of a live orchestra. The skill and soul behind each note contribute to the narrative, just as an actor imbues a script with life.

That’s the magic we aim to revive: a musical experience so rich and immersive, it transcends the limitations of digital replication.

💎 Exclusive Benefit

Here’s the kicker: Supporters get a non-exclusive license to use this music in their projects. That’s right—you get access to music quality that usually only big-budget projects can afford, all for your personal or commercial use! Everyone else can listen on Spotify or Bandcamp, but only you can actually use it.

💯 100% Transparency

Every single dollar you contribute goes directly to the musicians. My own composing fees are fully covered by my wonderful patrons, supporters, and listeners. I’ll be transparent about the costs, listing the exact prices for each orchestral recording.

🗡️ How Do We Start Our Quest? 🗡️

Before our adventure can truly begin, we need to decide on the kind of quest we’ll embark upon. The musical theme we choose will set the course, and this is where you come in!

🎵 Let’s Talk Numbers

  • Orchestral Magic: Recording about 5 minutes of music with the renowned Budapest Scoring Orchestra costs around $1,000. If we want to capture the process on video, that would be around $1,200. This orchestra recorded the Pillars of Eternity OST and worked on many other projects and it’s among the cheapest in the industry.
  • Intimate Ensemble: On the other hand, smaller ensembles like string quartets are more budget-friendly, costing about $50 per minute of recorded music.

🎼 Community Choice: Pick the Theme

Both options offer unique emotional textures to our narrative. Ultimately, the theme we pick will guide our budget and the ensemble size we can afford.

Your vote will decide the musical world we’ll explore. So make your voice heard!

📣 Spread the Word

The more adventurers we gather, the more epic our quest will be. Share our quest with fellow fans of fantasy and orchestral music!

🌟 Stay Tuned for Updates

As soon as we’ve chosen our theme, I’ll keep you updated on this page, via email, and on my social media. The more gold coins (aka funds) we can collect, the more expansive our musical saga will be.

Let’s embark on this quest together and make musical history!

With excitement and gratitude,

Ivan Duch