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Voyages of the Valiant

Set sail across the cosmos with Voyages of the Valiant, a track where heroic symphonies meet the adventurous spirit of the final frontier. Inspired by the legendary compositions of Jerry Goldsmith and the iconic voyages of Star Trek, this piece is a stellar addition to the Galactic Chronicles album. As part of the Sonic Adventures […]

March of the Heroes

Under the vast sky, an army of valiant hearts set forth. The heroes, children of the land, marched towards the encroaching Shadow.  With armor gleaming and banners aloft, they moved as one, their rhythm echoing the steady pulse of their homeland’s heart.  Each step was a testament to their indomitable will, their march a melody […]


This one is pompous, a cheerful fanfare for heroic achievements and endings.

Valhalla’s Dream

This Viking song is about death, a warrior’s death. In all its glory and grief. I imagined a Viking funeral, the loved ones saying farewell and wishing good passage to Valhalla for the great warrior soon to be entering Odin’s hall without fear nor remorse.

Light Against Dark

This song just like Marching Forward was inspired by Star Wars and John Williams orchestration. I was thinking of the constant struggle between the light and the dark side that dominates the movies.

Marching Forward

This song was initially inspired by Star Wars in a way, specifically by some of John Williams’s orchestrations. It definitely has a more classical flavor to it.