All help is welcomed

Why support me?

Running the free fantasy music library requires a ton of my time and also has several expenses and giving my music away for free doesn’t exactly help my finances. So first and foremost, by supporting me you make sure I can keep releasing music for free for you and all the fantasy community.

That said…

Patrons get some cool extras. For starters my patrons get access to collabs and some extra music I do exclusively for them, but they also get the best access to my full releases. For a small sum they have access to my whole library of stems, HQ files and loops. And Tier 2 and above have access to some handy extra features.

Feature 1: No need do a proper attribution. Ideal if your contet format makes it complicated to add a proper credit as described in me license info page. Or you simple find it inconvenient to credit me.

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What’s the money used for?

The money is used to host the website, pay for hosting the songs, purchasing new instruments or even to give work to other recording musicians such as players and soloists.

What about Ko-fi?

If you don’t feel like subscribing to anything you can donate a sum on Ko-fi or also you can purchase the full version of my music packs over there.

Everything Helps

All of that said, all sort of help is welcomed, telling your friends about it, linking to my website, everything helps, really.

Big thanks to all my supporters and listeners!

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I also write original soundtracks. Check my commissions page.

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