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Pick my upcoming orchestral work


I’m currently wrapping up Venture Forth, Chapter II, which should be released sometime in the upcoming two weeks.

And after it, I want to work on writing my first Symphony or Orchestral Suite. It will be fantasy focused and I plan to write it both as concert music (real orchestra) and also in a way where I can extract many moments and individual songs for the TTRPG community.

Two themes are catching my attention for my most ambitious project to date:

1. Merlin: This would be focused on magic, with a Celtic and European flavor to it. Including both orchestra and instruments from Celtic folk. As a kid, I found Merlin and Arthur, fascinating characters.

2. A stranger orchestral work, which would mix the orchestra and the music from the native American tribes in my country (Argentina) which inhabited mountains, the sea, deserts, jungles, and steppes. The music would be based on their legends, mostly related to nature, mountains, the sea, etc.

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