Step into the World of Shepherds of Haven with my upcoming soundtrack - Ivan Duch

Step into the World of Shepherds of Haven with my upcoming soundtrack

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I am excited to announce I’m working on Shepherds of Haven’s soundtrack and the upcoming release of the first 5 songs I wrote for the game Shepherds of Haven by Lena Nguyen (AKA Rinari).

In Shepherds of Haven, players take on the role of a Mage living in a world where magic is illegal and those with supernatural powers are oppressed and reviled. However, after years of persecution, the player is offered an opportunity to use their powers for good as demons begin to return to the world, threatening humanity. In order to protect the population, players join the Shepherds, an elite order of heroes and fighters comprised of those once feared by humanity more than the demons themselves.

As a Shepherd, players will solve magical crimes, slay demons to protect the citizens of Haven, and build their reputation throughout the capitol. The game allows players to explore the world of Blest, recruit allies and factions, find romance and companionship, investigate mysteries, lead rebellions and exorcisms, and uncover answers to the crises plaguing the world.

My upcoming album Venture Forth V will feature the first 5 tracks from my upcoming full 20-song album, and it is written in the style of classical orchestral fantasy, with hints of JRPGs music, particularly notorious in the sound of the strings and some of the compositional choices. The album will cover a wide array of common in-game situations and will enhance players’ immersion in the world of Shepherds of Haven.

Make sure to check out Shepherds of Haven website here:

And Lena’s Patreon Page here:

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