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What to expect in the upcoming months


Hey everyone!

First, as always, thank you for all the support. It’s allowing me to be able to focus more and more on writing music for you all.

That takes me to the main topic of this post:

Since I’ve been able to dedicate more and more to this I started thinking about my workflow and how to be able to get more stuff done for you each month…

This is the plan

1. I’ll be releasing a 10-12 songs album each month. The exact release date is always undetermined since each album is a world in itself but I think I can achieve it. So, instead of releasing weekly songs, I’ll be releasing them all together in a polished album after they’re properly mixed and mastered.

2. Along with the 10-12 songs I’ll be releasing 20 ambiances each month, built around those new songs and my already existing songs.

3. Each month I’ll be uploading it all to my Foundry’s module, Moulinette and my website.

Upcoming albums

This month I’ll be releasing a new album titled Folk, which is a big collaboration with Chibbin Grove.

It’s a 12 songs album (10 of those new) that is pretty much about the simple folk you encounter in fantasy: the blacksmith, a shopkeeper, a farmer lad dreaming of adventure…

Something to give your NPCs and everyday characters some extra life and detail.

Along with the album, a Foundry module is going to be released with illustrations and maps from the awesome Chibbin Grove.

After this release, I’ll focus on writing Merlin, an album about magic and wizards, covering several aspects of what you’d expect within that theme, from wizard’s apprentices to battles full of magic. It will have a Celtic flavor to it as well.

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