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New Viking Song: Valhalla’s Dream

This viking song is about death, a warrior’s death. In all its glory and grief. I imagined a viking funeral, the loved ones saying farewell and wishing good passage to Valhalla for the great warrior soon to be entering Odin’s hall without fear nor remorse. This is also my last viking song for my album […]

New Viking Song: The Sea Wolves

First I want to say thanks to all the people in Discord who helped me with their great feedback, you can join here: That said, this viking song is about struggle in the Vikings Age: combat, raiding, and whatnot. For this song I ended up recording some vocals and a real tagelharpa I recently […]

A Warrior’s Rest

Exploring the sounds of a darker age, I hope you enjoy it. Important Make sure to check out my licensing info before using the song. The Exclusive content is extra content for this particular release. It can vary from release to release but it usually includes stems, loops, alternative versions or HQ music files. Download […]