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Searching for the ideal soundtrack to elevate your video game, tabletop adventure, or film? Need atmospheric background music to enhance your podcast or multimedia project? I offer custom compositions that seamlessly blend with your narrative, setting the perfect mood across various platforms.

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What people are saying

Youtube Creator

"OMG! I love so much the result. I is EXACTLY what I was looking for, even better! Thanks so much! <3"

David Armsby
The mind behind Dead Sound

"Working with Ivan Duch on my SAURIA animated series has been one of the best collaborations I've worked on. Not only is Ivan a fantastic and talented musical composer, but he is also genuinely interested in a creative back-and-forth working with you on a project. Exactly the type of person you want to work with on an artistic project that means something to you. He's a real artist whose creative drive really shows through his work. Overall; a great, hard-working professional, on top of being a very pleasant guy to chat with! "

Dwarf Fortress Storyteller

"Gotta give a shoutout to Ivan Duch. Dude has been a huge help with Scorchfountain's music so far and the fortress wouldn't be what it is without his masterful skills!"

DRS Publishing
TTRPG Publisher

"Ivan makes sure that he understands what you want and what you need; then, he creates music that'll cheer you up. He takes his job very seriously and produces the best possible track from your briefs. He is not only a creative artist but also super fun to communicate and work with. Hence, if you have an idea for a track, tell it to Ivan and just lie back. Be sure that he'll compose a masterpiece out of it! He knows what he's doing."

Cast Die Podcast
D&D Podcast

"Not only is Ivan an amazing composer and musician, he is a pleasure to work with! We cannot recommend joining his Patreon and using his music in your games highly enough!"

Pathfinder Podcast

"Fantastic! Ivan was able to work with my every need, really easy to bounce ideas off and took my concerns with the product awesomely! Really excited to work with him in the future!"

Video Game Developer

"Ivan always produces superb work, and his understanding of music and how to approach different styles of music is something that really has to be heard to be believed. I'm always impressed with his impeccable skill!"

Video Game Developer

"Ivan went above and beyond to make sure we got a song that we loved for our visual novel. He was very kind and easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend working with him."

Dale Turner
Video Game Developer

"The best of the best. Just incredible work, far beyond expectations."

Lena Nguyen
Author and game developer of Shepherds of Haven

"Ivan is an undisputable master of his craft. His boundless creativity, musical brilliance, and perceptiveness continually astound me: he’s able to effortlessly intuit the required atmosphere, emotion, and ambience of a story or scene and produce a soundscape that not only conveys it, but enhances and lends shape to it. Ivan’s ability to translate abstract concepts or the very essence of a setting into immersive, soul-stirring music is nothing short of awe-inspiring. His work ethic, technical knowledge, and dedication to his craft are also unparalleled, and it has been a true honor collaborating with him. His contributions have elevated my projects far beyond what they could have been, and I enthusiastically encourage other creators to run, not walk, in order to work with an artist of his caliber!"

How does it work?

Whether you want some epic battle music, a sweeping orchestral theme, or a soundtrack for your project, I’ve got you covered. Reach out to me through the requests form so we can discuss the project in detail.

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Some of my Credits

Paizo's Rise of the Runelords Soundtrack (WIP)

Primarch (Videogame Soundtrack)

Despondent (Videogame Soundtrack)

Sauria: Blood for Blood (Animated Movie)

Sauria: Winter Weathered (Animated Movie)

Shepherds of Haven (Video Game)

The Sylvan Blade (Short Movie)

Kruggsmash (Dwarf Fortress Storyteller and Youtuber)

Cast Die Podcast (Podcast)

Roboto Games's Stormforge (Several songs for the videogame)

DRS's Svilland D&D Campaign Soundtrack

DRS's Bloodpunk D&D Campaign Soundtrack

Dragonborn's Rest (Animated Movie)

Werepeople vs Aliens Podcast

Blue Fox Comic's The Shadow Over Innsmouth (Several songs)

Monster Game Night Podcast

Audio Epics

Fortify TRS

DRS's Silverplate D&D Campaign Theme Song

Death Saving Bros (Podcast Intro)

Bolarius D&D Setting (Soundtrack)

Blessed Lady Soundtrack (Video Game Soundtrack)

Fellowship of the Dice (Intro Theme) - Orchestration

The Questioners (YouTube Channel Intro Theme)

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some terms and wording that I know might be difficult to understand from the tables above, so I hope you can find the answers here. That said, if your questions are not included feel free to contact me.

What's the turnaround?
Will depend on my current schedule and your needs. If the project requires a quick turnaround let me know.
What sort of music rights do I get?
It depends on what you need for your project. I cover most situations and the pricing change according to the kind of rights you need for your project.
What's your revision policy?
Depends on the project, it's also something we can agree to during the start of the project.
What music styles can you do?
I specialize on the following music genres: orchestral, epic, celtic, viking, and other world music genres. That said, let me know what you have in mind, I'm always open to writing on new music styles.
What about pricing?
Pricing depends on the project's requiremens. The main factors are the rights you need for your project and the production size.