The Collection - Ivan Duch

The Collection

Free music for dreamers

The Collection features a multigenre library with more than 100 high-quality, royalty-free songs that are perfect for DMs, fantasy lovers, podcasters, streamers, youtubers, and more.

What's included...

The Collection gathers songs from all my albums and includes the following genres: Dark Fantasy, Viking Music, Vampires Music, Orchestral Music, and much more...

Only Attribution is Required

The Collection is royalty-free, meaning you can have peace of mind when you're using the music for your project without having to worry about copyright infringement.

It's also free to use and download when you subscribe to my newsletter but has only one requirement: You need to credit me as the author wherever you use it and you can't upload this music as a standalone product anywhere. For more information on the exact license, click on the buttons below.

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It's free. It's awesome.

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