How to Pick Your DnD Music: A Guide for Dungeon Masters

For Dungeon Masters

As a Dungeon Master (DM), one of your key responsibilities is to create an immersive and engaging experience for your players. One powerful tool at your disposal is music. The right soundtrack can set the tone, enhance the atmosphere, and elevate the overall gaming experience. In this article, we’ll explore how to pick the perfect DnD music for your sessions, focusing on DnD character themes, DnD combat music, and DnD ambiance music. I’ll also highlight some valuable resources, including my Foundry module and song browser.

Why Music Matters in DnD

Music can transform a good DnD session into a great one. It helps to:

  • Set the Scene: Different tracks can evoke various settings, from eerie dungeons to bustling taverns.
  • Enhance Emotions: Music can heighten the tension during combat or add a sense of wonder during exploration.
  • Maintain Engagement: Well-chosen music keeps players immersed and focused on the game.

Types of DnD Music

When selecting music for your DnD sessions, consider these three main types:

  1. DnD Ambiance Music
  2. DnD Combat Music
  3. DND Character Themes

1. DnD Ambiance Music

Ambiance music is essential for setting the scene and creating a specific mood. Whether your players are exploring ancient ruins or walking through a peaceful forest, the right background music can make the environment feel real and immersive. Ambiances are all about the location and tend to need to be very background and these will be looping for quite a while. One good technique is to play an ambiance with more personality first, to introduce the location, ideally while reading a great description of the place your players are entering. After that, you can switch to some very low-intensity ambiance or even just SFX.

Suggestions for Ambiance Music:

  • Nature Sounds: Tracks featuring wind, water, and wildlife can enhance outdoor settings.
  • Dungeon Sounds: Echoes, distant drips, and eerie tones work well for underground or haunted locations.
  • Tavern Music: Lively, folk-inspired tunes are perfect for inns and taverns.

For more tips on using ambiance music, check out my detailed guide on creating the perfect DnD atmosphere (coming soon).

2. DnD Combat Music

Combat music is critical for maintaining energy and excitement during battles. The tempo and intensity should match the action, helping players feel the urgency of the fight.

Suggestions for Combat Music:

  • Fast-Paced Tracks: Music with a quick tempo and strong beats can convey the chaos of combat.
  • Orchestral Scores: Epic, sweeping orchestral pieces add grandeur to significant battles.
  • Dark and Intense: For darker or more desperate fights, choose music with a tense, brooding atmosphere.

Explore my collection of DnD combat music to find the perfect tracks for your next encounter.

3. DnD Character Themes

Character themes are musical tracks that capture the essence of a specific character, reflecting their personality, background, and journey. These themes can add depth and emotional resonance to your game, making your characters feel more alive and memorable.

Suggestions for Character Themes:

  • Personal Melodies: Music that embodies the character’s personal journey, struggles, and triumphs.
  • Unique Instrumentation: Use instruments or sounds that reflect the character’s culture, profession, or magical abilities.
  • Emotional Depth: Themes that evoke the character’s inner emotional landscape, from moments of quiet introspection to dramatic turning points.

Using Foundry and My Free Foundry Module

If you’re using Foundry VTT (Virtual Tabletop) for your games, integrating music is straightforward. Foundry allows you to add music to your scenes, triggering different tracks based on the situation.

To make things easier, I’ve created a free Foundry module that includes a curated selection of fantasy music. This module is designed to seamlessly integrate into your Foundry setup, providing you with an extensive library of tracks for every situation.

Explore My Song Browser

For those who prefer a more hands-on approach, my song browser is an excellent resource. It allows you to browse and download over 250 high-quality, royalty-free fantasy songs. These tracks are perfect for any DnD setting, from ambient exploration music to intense battle anthems.

Tips for Selecting the Right Music

  1. Match the Mood: Choose music that fits the mood of the scene. Use somber tracks for graveyards and lively tunes for markets.
  2. Vary Your Playlist: Avoid using the same tracks repeatedly. A varied playlist keeps the experience fresh and engaging.
  3. Volume Control: Ensure the music volume is balanced with player voices. It should enhance the session, not overpower it.
  4. Test Beforehand: Play your selected tracks before the session to ensure they fit well with your planned scenes.


Selecting the right music for your DnD sessions can significantly enhance the gaming experience. Whether it’s ambiance music for exploration, combat music for skirmishes, or battle music for epic confrontations, the right soundtrack can make your game unforgettable. Don’t forget to leverage tools like Foundry and my free Foundry module, as well as the extensive library in my song browser, to find the perfect tracks for your adventures.

For more tips and resources, explore our articles on creating the perfect DnD atmosphere (coming soon) and top DnD combat music tracks (coming soon). Happy gaming!