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The Bleakmoor Marshes

Venture into Wallmire, a secluded village tucked away in the foreboding Bleakmoor Marsh. As the relentless raindrops provide a steady rhythm, the track unveils the village’s eerie atmosphere. From the hum of oversized mosquitoes to the unsettling slither of parasitic eels, every sound deepens the mystery of this remote enclave. But Wallmire holds more than […]

The Cave of Many Mouths

Venture into the chilling abyss of a subterranean nightmare. This track immerses you in the deafening silence of a cave where light and magic dare not tread. The scarcely audible yet hauntingly profound notes encapsulate the dread of being isolated, with danger lurking in every shadow. Every so often, the stark silence is punctuated by […]

The Open Steppe

In the world of Bolarius, much of the land is covered in a large steppe – wide swathes of earth covered in open fields of tall grass, home to giant creatures and nesting birds. Wind blows across the plains of empty nothingness, a peaceful land of repose. Where once there was massive cities built in […]