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Eerie Forest

This is a collaboration with Metal and Magic. He releases a wide variety of TTRPG supplemental content, primarily focusing on non-system-specific GM aids such as tips & tricks, ready-to-use lists or tables, and finally – his site’s most popular feature – an archive of tavern posters filled with plot hooks, downtime activities, and worldbuilding events. […]

The Carnival

“It begins with a tingle of anticipation—a sense of dread or hope, but nothing more. Out of the blue, the residents of a village sense that someone or something will soon enter their lives. Then the handbills appear—eerie, teasing flyers, promising that the Carnival is near.” I wrote this song thinking of Ravenloft’s ever-moving Carnival.

Haunted Mansion

I’ve been working on a horror soundtrack for a video game along with other commissions and so I thought I could keep with that vibe and make a Haunted Mansion ambiance for you all.

Born to Darkness

For this song I imagined a vampire waking to its undead life. Seeing the night in its full expression for the first time.