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Betting on Luck

Betting on Luck is a high-energy, fast-paced song that captures the excitement and thrill of gambling. The song is perfect for scenes set in gambling dens, as it builds tension with its driving beat and frenzied piano melodies. The song was written for Shepherds of Haven’s gambling scenes, providing a fitting soundtrack to the characters’ […]

Bolarius Theme – Reimagined

Bolarius. A land of endless steppes, open nature, and peaceful solemnity. Airships travel the open clouds high above settlements scattered across the land, delivering letters and goods to preserve communication between the sparse towns and cities. Large swathes of sheep roam the open pastures, watched over by gentle shepherds in relaxing peace. Aged individuals settle […]

Cheerful Forest

This song is about a Cheerful Forest, and reminiscent of that old JRPG vibe. It was requested by one of my patrons who is about to update his video game and needed some music to go with it. You can check out the game at:

Rudibert, the Shopkeeper

I continue to write about “simple” folk, every day fantasy characters. I try to imagine their lives, their sorrows, and joys and give them music.


This song was inspired and requested by Bogus Cheesecake who is creating a beautiful dnd 5e setting supplement called Bolarius. It’s about airships, skywhales and peace. Very reminiscent of Miyazaki’s movies. Learn more about it here:

Happy Times

This song was part of my collaboration with Cast Die Podcast and was one of the many ideas that were on the table during the production of their intro. This ended up being very different from the main intro I wrote so I thought I might as well publish it as exclusive content,