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Whispers of Chaos

Hey there! Let’s get into some Warhammer vibes with “Whispers of Chaos”. A big shout out to the awesome patron Berytak who requested this one, inspired by the epic “The Enemy Within” Warhammer TTRPG Campaign. This track is all about the creeping spread of Chaos that’s the hallmark of the Warhammer universe. Musically, it’s a […]

Penumbral Curse

This patron-exclusive song was written as part of an upcoming collab with Kelfecil’s Tales. A very interesting adventure module involving a green dragon and a curse. Hence the mix between a natural sound and dark vibes.

Staring Abyss

Their names have been forgotten for so long… they are the Forgotten Ones. And as a machine without purpose as a traveler without destination they are sleeping and waiting. But don’t get confused by their inaction, their power has not fizzled out and the whole world shall see their might when they awaken once again… […]

Eerie Forest

This is a collaboration with Metal and Magic. He releases a wide variety of TTRPG supplemental content, primarily focusing on non-system-specific GM aids such as tips & tricks, ready-to-use lists or tables, and finally – his site’s most popular feature – an archive of tavern posters filled with plot hooks, downtime activities, and worldbuilding events. […]

The Carnival

“It begins with a tingle of anticipation—a sense of dread or hope, but nothing more. Out of the blue, the residents of a village sense that someone or something will soon enter their lives. Then the handbills appear—eerie, teasing flyers, promising that the Carnival is near.” I wrote this song thinking of Ravenloft’s ever-moving Carnival.

Escape from Shadar Logoth

This song was born from a collaboration with Malkier Talks, a great YouTube channel about Wheel of Time. For those who didn’t read Wheel of Time, it’s about a specific chapter in the Eye of the World where the protagonists escape from the horrors of Shadar Logoth.