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The Toy Maker

A toy shop? In the middle of The Endless Dungeon? Who can be so insane? Little trains, a doll, stuffed dragons, wooden swords… how nice. Wait, this doll again? I’ve seen this doll before… I have the weird feeling I’m being watched. This week I wrote an ambience for a Mad Toy Maker and became […]

Dark Dungeon

his song is part of my Atmospheres album, covering an array of fantasy ambients. I’d call it fantasy elevator music, meant to suggest a place and mood. Ideal for writers, D&D players or anyone wanting to be transported somewhere far away. IMPORTANT: this ambience includes royaly free SFXs that were licensed to me, I wouldn’t […]

Escape from Shadar Logoth

This song was born from a collaboration with Malkier Talks, a great YouTube channel about Wheel of Time. For those who didn’t read Wheel of Time, it’s about a specific chapter in the Eye of the World where the protagonists escape from the horrors of Shadar Logoth.