Let’s Collaborate: Help Me Choose the Next Musical Theme


As I wrap up a few projects that are currently in production, it’s time to look ahead to what comes next. This time, I want you to be even more involved in the creative process.

From now on, each album I create will revolve around a theme. I’ll be writing approximately 5 songs per theme before we venture into a new sonic landscape. That is, unless you decide you’d like to stay a little longer within a particular theme (I’ll make a poll for that)

Here’s how it works: I’d love for you to vote on the theme for the next batch of songs.

You can pick from the list that I provide, or suggest your own in the comments. And you can pick more than one.

If a particular theme not listed ends up being the most popular choice, I’ll happily take that as our next journey.

This is your chance to shape the music that I create. Your input matters and I can’t wait to see what we come up with together. This isn’t just my musical adventure, it’s ours.

Let’s create something amazing together!

PS. From now on, every theme will also include ambiances, and by that I mean long background music with little melody. Sometimes with SFXs included.