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Whispers of the Fae

Hey there! I’d love to tell you about my song “Whispers of the Fae.” This track was an amazing journey to create, as it tells the enchanting love story between a mortal man and a captivating fae. I aimed to weave the music in a way that captures the magic and emotion of their bittersweet […]


This is the end of the journey for the apprentice. The promised land, love, and wisdom. Finally within reach.

Revolutionary Love

This song was written for an animation done by Pilgrim Pass we did, depicting a tragic romance between a French Police officer and a Neo-Jacobin Revolutionary girl from an Alternative 1920s France. This Project was Inspired by Kaiserreich, specifically the idea of France undergoing a second revolution. But it doesn’t take place in that world, […]

Sad Strings

Well, this is a romantic/sad string piece. Ideal for sad scenes, departures or broken hearts.


This song is product of a free request. I went for something sad and emotional. Ideal for sad love scenes or a rainy Sunday.