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Whispers in the Cell

Tread lightly, there’s a clandestine visitor in the heart of the Bluesong prison. Remember, you can keep the world of Sauria alive by supporting David Armsby here. — I’m stoked to share about one of my greatest artistic collaborations to date. I had the great opportunity to team up with the exceptional David Armsby, widely […]

Escape from Shadar Logoth

This song was born from a collaboration with Malkier Talks, a great YouTube channel about Wheel of Time. For those who didn’t read Wheel of Time, it’s about a specific chapter in the Eye of the World where the protagonists escape from the horrors of Shadar Logoth.


This song has a mysterious, suspenseful vibe to it. I think I wrote it while thinking of Skyrim’s Dark Brotherhood, I’ve no idea why.


This song can work for many situations, especially for characters feeling a bit lost in a desert or arid place.