Next Sonic Adventure: Out of Space and into Cimmeria - Ivan Duch

Next Sonic Adventure: Out of Space and into Cimmeria


Hey everyone!

So, we had a bit of a cliffhanger—Galactic Chronicles and a Conan-inspired album finished neck and neck in our latest poll. But, I’ve been itching to craft something straight out of a Robert E. Howard tale for ages now. So, I’m tipping the scales and diving into a world of swords and sorcery!

But before that, I’ll be releasing Galactic Chronicles in the upcoming days with final versions of the songs you already listened to, with their proper titles and synth variations for most of the songs I wrote for the album.

For the Conan-inspired album, I’m planning a 5-track album inspired by Howard’s tales and the movies’ soundtrack, and I want your input to shape this adventure. Below is a poll where you can cast your vote for the kind of tracks you’re craving and the album vibe you’re dreaming of.

I’ll use the results from the poll to decide what songs to write based on the most picked themes. Remember the poll is multiple choice so be sure to select all the ideas you like.

If you have an idea for a song that isn’t listed suggest it in the comments and everyone canvote with a like.

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