Some much needed changes


Hi there,

I hope everyone had a good week!

This week I started by focusing on improving the library and implementing it into a well-known VTT.

This is basically what I did: 

  • Migrated the library to Dropbox.
  • Created an archive post from where you can access all the packs which include all my songs. 
  • Added proper metadata to all the files, including the album cover, so you can easily navigate all the songs in your audio player of choice. 
  • To atmospheres now I added short loops, ideal for VTTs. And in addition, I added some SFX you can layer on top for maximum flexibility. I’ll be recording and adding more SFXs (birds, crickets, wind, etc) to that folder as time goes by. 
  • Created a Foundry VTT Module (A very popular software for playing RPGs which I highly recommend). This has been submitted to their team which collaborated with me during the creation (big thanks!) and should online in their library some time next week. If you don’t feel like waiting you can download it here: and install it manually.

In the meantime I have been working on some new songs and music packs ideas which will be starting to come out next week.

Thanks as always,