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In need of a soundtrack for your latest tale? Looking for the perfect music to set the mood for your podcast, campaign or video? A theme for the characters or locations in your campaign? I offer custom soundtracks that will blend seamlessly with your narrative.

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What people are saying

Dwarf Fortress Storyteller

"Gotta give a shoutout to Ivan Duch. Dude has been a huge help with Scorchfountain's music so far and the fortress wouldn't be what it is without his masterful skills!"

DRS Publishing
TTRPG Publisher

"Ivan makes sure that he understands what you want and what you need; then, he creates music that'll cheer you up. He takes his job very seriously and produces the best possible track from your briefs. He is not only a creative artist but also super fun to communicate and work with. Hence, if you have an idea for a track, tell it to Ivan and just lie back. Be sure that he'll compose a masterpiece out of it! He knows what he's doing."

Cast Die Podcast
D&D Podcast

"Not only is Ivan an amazing composer and musician, he is a pleasure to work with! We cannot recommend joining his Patreon and using his music in your games highly enough!"

Pathfinder Podcast

"Fantastic! Ivan was able to work with my every need, really easy to bounce ideas off and took my concerns with the product awesomely! Really excited to work with him in the future!"

Video Game Developer

"Ivan always produces superb work, and his understanding of music and how to approach different styles of music is something that really has to be heard to be believed. I'm always impressed with his impeccable skill!"

Video Game Developer

"Ivan went above and beyond to make sure we got a song that we loved for our visual novel. He was very kind and easy to communicate with. I would definitely recommend working with him."

How does it work?

The reason I'm able to offer music at such cheap prices is that I retain the rights to distribute the songs to my patrons, supporters and in music stores. Basically you get to request custom-made music for you, but that other people can use it as well. Reach out to me through the requests form so we can discuss the project in detail.

People's Hero

5 Songs


  • 5 two minutes songs
  • 1 Revision
  • Audio Stems
  • HQ Audio Files
  • Unlimited Instruments
  • Non-Exclusive License

World's Hero

10 Songs


  • 10 two minutes songs
  • 1 Revision
  • Audio Stems
  • HQ Audio Files
  • Unlimited Instruments
  • Non-Exclusive License

Frequently Asked Questions

There are some terms and wording that I know might be difficult to understand from the tables above, so I hope you can find the answers here. That said, if your questions are not included feel free to contact me.

What's the turnaround?
Will depend on my current schedule and your needs. If the project requires a quick turnaround let me know.
What sort of music rights do I get?
You'll get a non-exclusive license for the music written. Meaning that I can offer this music to my patrons and supporters and also publish it in albums.
What's your revision policy?
I normally offer one revision per song.
What music styles can you do?
I specialize on the following music genres: orchestral, epic, celtic, viking, and other world music genres. That said, let me know what you have in mind, I'm always open to writing on new music styles.
How many songs can you write for me?
It depends on my current schedule to to be honest, let's chat about it.

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