The Von Dann Family Crypt (A collab with Chibbin Grove)


Hey everyone!

I’m teaming up with the wonderful Chibbin Grove in a one-of-a-kind collaboration! We’re breathing life into a dark yet enchanting theme centered around the captivating character of Issa Levi Von Dann, a vampire of a fascinating blend of grounded sensibility and intellectual vivacity created by Chibbin Grove.

In the ancient crypt of her esteemed Von Dann family, Issa finds solace and a deep connection to her lineage. Her home is shared with her beloved husband, Santos Von Dann, their six hideous vamplings, and a loyal human thrall. Revered for her harmonious fusion of enduring strength and intellectual versatility, Issa is a force to be reckoned with in the vampire world.

This narrative inspired me to write a dark but playful piece titled “Crimson Opulence”, weaving strings, winds, and a harpsichord to create an atmosphere that encapsulates the essence of Issa and her refined lair.

Check out Chibbin Grove’s Patreon to check out the amazingly detailed maps they’re creating! And stay tuned, because we’ve only just begun fleshing out this intriguing theme.

Until then, enjoy Von Dann’s crypt and let “Crimson Opulence” whisk you away into Issa’s world!

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