Today I started working on Tribes


Hey everyone, lately I’ve been thinking about documenting my writing process both with blog posts and videos.

This morning I started sketching a song for the Wood Elves (one of the preferred races in the poll I did for this album) after having written several themes for the different races included in the album. So I wanted to show you some images of how the process goes.

For this album, I won’t be using any instrument during the writing process and will just rely on a tuning fork and a pencil for keeping in tune. As the years go by I try to depend as little as possible on the computer or instrument for my writing and it’s something I aim for in the long term.

It’s a self-imposed challenge, but it’s also about being away from the computer and cultivating the skills composers used to have before we had so many modern tools. I ┬ásimply enjoy it more this way.

Anyway, if you like this kind of content I’ll make sure to post more of it, including videos. I wrote this sketch at home but many of the future sketches will be written while outdoors in the mountains so I’ll make sure to share pictures and videos of that as well.