Unlocking New Songs: Ivan Duch’s Free Music Pack 1.7 Update is Live!

Foundrt VTT

Hey everyone,

I’m stoked to announce that Foundry Module 1.7 is now out! I’ve patched things up for FoundryVTT 11 and, drumroll please… added seven fresh tracks for you to enjoy in the free version:

  1. March of the Heroes: Your party’s fearless anthem.
  2. Marshes of the Dead: A haunting melody, requested by a patron.
  3. The Dryad’s Lament: The sorrowful echo of a forest spirit.
  4. Pulse of the Unknown: A patron-requested, old-school horror sci-fi orchestral piece.
  5. The Shadow Thief: Your rogue’s new favorite tune.
  6. Whispers of the Fae: A melody whispered by the fairyfolk.
  7. Wyrm’s Bane Heroes: A heartening tune for all dragon slayers.

Please let me know if you encounter any issues and I’ll fix them ASAP

My Patreon-exclusive version (which, by the way, you can test for free with Patreon’s new free trials), includes all of the above, plus:

  • Several ambiance versions for the songs, including a new tavern ambiance with a Minstrels of Mirth show.
  • Loops

And these newbies:

  1. Barn of Creake (collab with CzePeku Scenes): A peaceful orchestral piece. It’s pastoral and tranquil, and includes ambiance versions.
  2. Beneath Ground (collab with Mikwewa): For all your vampire lair needs. Comes with an ambiance version.
  3. Crimson Opulence (collab with Chibbin Grove): A dark and playful vampiric melody.
  4. Whispers of Chaos: A Warhammer-inspired dark fantasy piece, requested by a member of our fantasy community. It comes with an ambiance version.

Thanks for the ongoing support. Dive in, and let me know what you think!