Upcoming Music Packs and a feedback request.


I recently had this idea of creating what I’d call “narrative music packs”. Always thinking about content creators and roleplaying.   

The concept is basically to create a narrative and cohesion within the music pack, with reiterative themes, like the heroic theme, starting humble and having a big climax by the end. Or the villain theme, a love one, etc, etc. 

The hero’s journey formula basically.  

 I wonder if you think that would be interesting to have in a music pack, something with an obvious narrative, that feels connected when you present the whole material in your content.   

I’ll be starting with 3 themes most likely:  

– Pirates 

– Dark Fantasy (think of refined vampires, very dark) 

– An Epic Music Pack inspired by JRPGs and Hisaishi music style which is something I’d like to work with.   

In Conclusion 

What theme would you prefer me to cover first? 

What do you think of  the narrative music pack idea?  

P.S I’ll be hiring real musicians to play some of the upcoming songs. In an attempt to bring life to the songs and also help my fellow musicians, particularly instrumentists who are having a really bad time due to Covid. I already did some tests with that that I’ll share with you shortly.