Update on Shepherds of Haven Vol II


Hey patrons!

Quick update on two things you’ve been curious about:

1. Sauria 2 movie: The film’s still in production, and that’s the reason the soundtrack hasn’t been released yet.

2. I’m done with the commissions I was working on: Done and dusted! I’ve been 100% focused on Shepherds of Haven Vol II for the past two weeks. A sneak peek is coming soon, right here on Patreon!

I plan to keep it this way as long as I can sustain myself and my family with Spotify streams and your support. I want to focus completely on writing music for you all.

Several songs from Shepherds of Haven are ready to go, and the rest are sketched out. After Shepherds is released, it’s The Cimmerian’s turn. Then, get ready for something epic – a collaboration with the amazing Michael Ghelfi! More details soon…

Thanks for your patience and support! Your contributions keep the music flowing. Stay tuned, and let’s keep creating awesome things together!