Weekly Update: Real Musicians


I’m about to release the second volume of the amazing Lena Nguyen game, Shepherds of Haven. It’ll be a large album and I hope you’ll enjoy it. 

I’m happy to say that after that I’ll be free to keep focusing on music for my patrons and community and that I’m eager to stay focused on Sonic Adventures.  The next Sonic Adventure coming out is The Cimmerian, for which I already have written 3 of the 5 songs. 

After that, I’ll do another poll on Patreon so we can all decide on our next adventure.  

One crazy thought I’ve been having and would love to hear your feedback on is recording a Sonic Adventure with a small string ensemble, most likely a string quintet or quartet. It’d be something different, very intimate sounding that I think would go very well with noble parties, a Victorian setting, Ravenloft, vampires, or Lovecraft.  

The reason I want to start with a string quartet is that I want to start preparing for actually recording Sonic Adventures with a real orchestra at some point. 

Real Orchestras are quite expensive, the cheapest costing around $900 per every 2-5 minutes of music (depending on the complexity of the music)  so I think we as a community, would be able to afford most like the main theme for each Sonic Adventure but we’ll see.  

Real players bring a new dimension to the music, the sort of dimension that lifts the music to a new level, it’s a world of difference, they add the human expression that computer-generated performances can’t compete with. So I’m looking forward to working with real players and bringing that magic to you all.