What to expect in the upcoming weeks - Ivan Duch

What to expect in the upcoming weeks


Hey everyone!

I wanted to mention some of the upcoming features and music I have planned for you all. 

  • I’m currently wrapping up Venture Forth, Chapter 3, and Atmospheres III (my new ambiance album). These two will be released in April. 
  • In the meantime, I’ve also been working hard on my new website which now has a new store that integrates with Patreon
  • There’s a new Patreon area on my website which requires a Patreon logging to get access to the content. This area will be getting lots of features in the upcoming weeks. Like access to Foundry modules for each album and more.
  • In May I’m expecting to release an album about nature and magic (initially Merlin), the album is going to be mostly about old gods, old magic, old Celtic folklore, nature, druids, and groves. Rob, one of my patrons, suggested the title wọ̄de for the album, I’m really liking it.

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