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Elevate your TTRPG campaigns, videos, streaming sessions, video games, and more with my vast collection of spellbinding tracks. Set the mood for your tabletop roleplaying games with music that transports players to a world of wonder.

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23 November 2023

How should The Cimmerian sound like? Cast your vote.

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21 November 2023

Shape The Cimmerian Album – Song Requests Now Open!

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18 November 2023

Foundry and Moulinette updated with my lastest album

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08 November 2023

Next Sonic Adventure: Out of Space and into Cimmeria

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12 October 2023

Crafting Sonic Adventures: The Galactic Chronicles Journey

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04 October 2023

Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST: The Musical Journey Awaits!

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Content creators and streamers can breathe easy knowing my music library is free from DMCA issues.

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Unlock access to new music each month, along with exclusive content and rewards. With a library boasting nearly 250 tracks, you'll have no shortage of epic soundtracks and captivating scores.

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Just looking for some captivating music? You're covered. My music is available on all major platforms. While it may take time to reach Spotify, Apple Music, and others, rest assured that my albums and singles will be accessible

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Foundry VTT module

Whether you're sailing the high seas, wandering enchanted forests, exploring Asiatic kingdoms, or enduring through a brutal desert you'll find songs to make your world come alive!

To go with the music there's also a playlist of looping ambiences so you can augment any of the included tracks or any other music that you have with rain, crickets, a campfire, tavern background noise, the sounds of combat, and more.

IMPORTANT: The songs released in the module are royalty free and ready to be used during streaming without issues.

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