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I offer a wide variety of fantasy-inspired tracks, perfect for D&D, Streaming, video games and more. My music is also perfect for dungeon masters looking to enhance their tabletop roleplaying games with the right soundtrack.

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Music is a constant question for many content creators and streamers. Can I use this song? Will it get me in trouble? With my fantasy music library, you can forget about DMCAs.

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Get new fantasy music every month plus exclusive content and more! With almost 100 tracks and counting, my library is a go-to resource for epic soundtracks and fantasy scores.

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You're just here to listen to some fantasy music? I have you covered as well. My music is in all major music stores. There is always a delay since music takes a long time to get distributed to Spotify, Apple Music and other stores. That said, I publish my albums and singles in them as well.

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Foundry VTT module

Whether you're sailing the high seas, wandering enchanted forests, exploring Asiatic kingdoms, or enduring through a brutal desert you'll find songs to make your world come alive!

To go with the music there's also a playlist of looping ambiences so you can augment any of the included tracks or any other music that you have with rain, crickets, a campfire, tavern background noise, the sounds of combat, and more.

IMPORTANT: The songs released in the module are royalty free and ready to be used during streaming without issues.

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I need to say thanks to all my supporters: my family, the people who share my work, those who listen to it and send me their thoughts, those who help me financially by supporting me on Patreon, donating on Ko-fi or commissioning me work. Again, I'm so thankful and honored for all your support and help.