Behind the Music of Primarch – A Celtic Synth Fusion

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As the composer of the soundtrack for the upcoming game Primarch, I highly recommend checking out this exciting new title by Dale Turner. The game is currently available for wishlist on Steam and features a unique roguelike auto-battler gameplay experience where players refine the skills and strategy of a single unit, rather than a whole party.

Gamers, don't miss out on Primarch - a new roguelike auto-battler with an epic soundtrack featuring my original compositions. Learn more in this article.

You can check out the steam page here: Primarch on Steam (

The music I wrote for Primarch combines elements of Celtic music and synths to highlight the pixel art style of the game. I especially focused on string instruments such as lyres and ronrocos, but also made use of the orchestra as usual. The result is a soundtrack that attempts to capture the adventurous spirit of the game, assist the narrative, and highlight its beautiful pixel art.

In Primarch, players must prove themselves to be strong enough to rule and claim the title of “Primarch.” The game takes place on planet Kravok, where at the center of every planet lies a primordial being whose energy sparked life to grow upon them. The inhabitants of Kravok are split into 8 tribes, each mastering a different set of elements, and players gain a bonus effect when equipping multiple skills from the same tribe.

One of the most unique aspects of Primarch is the use of ‘Primal Mode’ where, upon falling in battle, a hero will use a limited resource called ‘Primal’ instead of hit points. A hero’s hit points are restored after each combat, but running out of Primal spells defeat. Furthermore, the ghosts of past players, commanded by the vile Kravok, will appear as bosses in each area, allowing players to modify their strategy in advance.

With the ability to navigate the world as desired and hunt down specific tribes and event locations, Primarch is a game with limitless possibilities. From ferocious tribes and doom spires to glowing craters and breathing rifts, players must face a variety of challenges to become Primarch.

Overall, I am proud of the music I wrote for Primarch and hope the players will find it complements the unique and exciting gameplay. I strongly recommend checking out this game and experiencing the epic journey to become the ultimate ruler of planet Kravok when it’s out.

The soundtrack will be released in the major music stores for listening to after the game launch.