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Dive into the Creation of the Rise of the Runelords Soundtrack!

I’m thrilled to launch the first vlog in my new series where I take you behind the scenes of composing the soundtrack for Paizo’s legendary Adventure Path, Rise of the Runelords! In these behind-the-scenes videos, you’ll get a glimpse into my creative process and the concept behind the music. From researching the rich lore of […]

Shepherds of Haven Vol. 2 Arrives

The saga reaches its climax! I’m thrilled to announce the release of Shepherds of Haven Vol. 2, the final chapter in the thrilling orchestral soundtrack for Lena Nguyen’s captivating dark fantasy game. For those unfamiliar with this incredible world, Shepherds of Haven is a deep narrative experience. You, the player, take on the mantle of […]

Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST: The Musical Journey Awaits!

Hey everyone! I’ve got some news. The Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST is officially released! This has been a passion project, an attempt to capture the essence, emotions, and stories of Lena Nguyen’s brilliant video game, “Shepherds of Haven.” Dive Deep into the Soundscape This album is an orchestral whirlwind, echoing the vibes of […]

The Soundtrack Journey for Shepherds of Haven by Lena Nguyen

Hey everyone, Ivan here! I’m incredibly excited to share that this month, I’m putting my heart and soul into finishing the soundtrack for a phenomenal game called “Shepherds of Haven,” created by the incredibly talented Lena Nguyen. Why You Should Care? If you’re into immersive, dark fantasy worlds teeming with elements of choice and destiny, […]

David Armsby’s Sauria: Blood for Blood is out!

Everyone,  The moment we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! David Armsby’s Sauria: Blood for Blood has been released, and you can watch this incredible story unfold right now on YouTube: For those who are new to Sauria, it’s a tale of survival, primal instincts, and the eternal struggle for power within a world as harsh […]

Upcoming Releases: From Sauria to Galactic Chronicles and Beyond!

Hey everyone, Get ready for an exciting musical journey ahead! First off, I’m thrilled to announce that when Sauria: Blood for Blood is released, an entire album will be available to you. This will include not just the main tracks but loops, stems, and ambiance versions. And for my Foundry module users, all this will […]

Exploring the Primal Sounds of Sauria with David Armsby

Hey there, music explorers! I’m stoked to share about one of my greatest artistic collaborations to date. I had the great opportunity to team up with the exceptional David Armsby, widely recognized for his YouTube channel Dead Sound. This Scottish animator, film director, writer, and sculptor is the creative force behind the engrossing Autodale animated […]

Introducing Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2

Hey folks! Guess what? “Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2” is officially here! This album is a real adventure, filled with tales of soaring airships, frosty dragon kingdoms, and plucky heroes from the heart of Reikland. Each song has its own unique story – some of them even dreamed up by you amazing folks (shoutout to […]

Launching into Space Opera: Next Sonic Adventure!

Hey space travelers! 🚀 Super excited to announce that the next sonic adventure is taking us to the stars with the theme, Space Opera! It was a close call with Lovecraft and Cimmeria, but the cosmos won out. I’m now set to work on 5 new stellar tracks, inspired by the masterful John Williams’ Star […]

Upcoming Music Projects: A Glimpse Into the Future

Hey everyone! I wanted to take a moment to share some exciting news about my upcoming music projects with you all. As supporters, you make it possible for me to continue creating, and I can’t thank you enough for that. First up, I have a new album called “Tribes” in the works, which I’m aiming […]

Bloodpunk: a Dark and Ominous Soundtrack

Great news! I’m finishing working on the soundtrack for Bloodpunk, a new dark and dystopic Dungeons & Dragons setting by DRS Publishing. Check out the Kickstarter (even if it’s over) to support the project and dive into the world of Tolia: #Bloodpunk #DnD #Tolia

Get ready for epic adventures in Nökortorad: Hunt for the Glacier’s Eye

If you’re a fan of Dwarf Fortress and epic fantasy stories, you won’t want to miss Kruggsmash’s latest creation, Nökortorad: Hunt for the Glacier’s Eye. I had the honor of composing the new theme for this exciting series, and let me tell you, I’m excited to see what will happen next. @kruggsmash’s storytelling skills are […]

Searching for a theme

In the spirit of keeping you all updated about the upcoming album Tribes, I want to share with you the way I’m envisioning the album in my head. Mainly, there’s going to be an all-encompassing theme for the album, which is going to basically be in the DNA of all the songs. This theme represents […]

The Story Behind The Collection

Hey there! Let’s dive into the backstory of The Collection—a compilation of music I’ve been crafting since 2018 when I first set my sights on becoming a fantasy music composer. It’s been quite the adventure! Before embarking on this journey, I was a music teacher, dabbled in rock bands, and even spent some years as […]

Foundry VTT module

Whether you’re sailing the high seas, wandering enchanted forests, exploring Asiatic kingdoms, or enduring through a brutal desert you’ll find songs to make your world come alive! Get it here: To go with the music there’s also a playlist of looping ambiances so you can augment any of the included tracks or any other […]

Some much-needed changes.

Hi there, I hope everyone had a good week! This week I started by focusing on improving the library and implementing it into a well-known VTT. This is basically what I did: Migrated the library to Dropbox. Created an archive post from where you can access all the packs which include all my songs. Added […]

Important News

Hi there, I’m writing to tell you a few important things. First, I want to say thanks, thanks for your support, for using my music, spreading the word. I’m grateful to you and life, that my music is being found useful and pleasurable by so many fantasy lovers, dreamers, and creators. THANK YOU! Now, to […]

A Warrior’s Rest

Exploring the sounds of a darker age, I hope you enjoy it. Important Make sure to check out my licensing info before using the song. The Exclusive content is extra content for this particular release. It can vary from release to release but it usually includes stems, loops, alternative versions or HQ music files. Download […]

Celebrating With the One Hundred Friends Tavern Music

Welcome friend! Take a seat by the fire and enjoy some good ale… This time around I wanted to say thank you. Thank you all for the great comments, thank you for taking the time to listen to my music and sharing this experience with me. For this purpose I wrote short celtic song / […]