Nobody using my music has ever received a copyright strike so far. But I created this section in case that ever happens. I know it has happened to many of my colleagues so it’s better to be prepared.

Copyright Information

All the free music on this site holds no copyright other than the international copyright laws that apply to everything created by anyone – which means that I am the lawful owner of the music.

I am granting you the right to use them for your content as long as you credit me properly.

However – if you purchase a license to use the music, or support me on Patreon on tier 2 and above, you get the “extended license”, which allows you to use it without crediting me.

YouTube Copyright Claim/Notice

IF you receive one of these, this claim is NOT coming from me.
This can happen if someone downloads my music from this site and register the music in the “Content ID system”. If they do this, they are breaking the law, because you are not allowed to register material you haven’t made yourself in the Content ID system.

So if you get a copyright notice on your video, do not worry. Don’t remove the video.
Dispute the claim, and contact me with information about who made the claim, and who they claimed on behalf of. All of this is included in the email you get from YouTube.

How to dispute? Click the dispute button in the email. Check the box that says that you have the proper license to use this music, and type where you got the music in the text box.

When this is done, I will contact the label and make them remove the music from the Content ID system. These cases are usually resolved in less than a week. You can still monetize the video, and will not lose any revenue on it. However – while the dispute is happening, YouTube will hold back the revenue on the video (which you will receive once the label has released the claim).

When you dispute, the claimer has 30 days to respond to the claim, in which they will release it.