Crafting the Sound of Solitude: Behind the Scenes of the “Winter Weathered” Soundtrack for Sauria

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David Armsby’s Sauria’s second movie is out and it’s been an amazing journey I have resonated deeply with, which paradoxically made it harder for me to make up my mind regarding the direction I wanted to take with it.

If you still haven’t watched the movie:

I started by spotting the whole movie and taking notes on Dorico and then switched to pencil and paper for a while. In an attempt to come out with themes and ideas and focus completely on that side of the writing.

The father gave me the impression of a very spiritual and sensitive character, and it was a big change in rhythm compared to Blood for Blood (Sauria’s first movie).

In the end, after trying different aesthetic and instrument ideas I made my mind in favor of flutes, flutes from around the world. I feel flutes and wood sounds captured the essence of the movie. They communicate spirituality and have an introspective effect on the mind.

The other big protagonist, for the first part of the movie in particular, is silence. Unlike with Blood for Blood, for this movie I found myself removing layer after layer of music, trying to find the minimum indispensable, similarly, I think to the father’s very existence. A man living a simple life in the cold regions of Sauria.

There’s a theme to the Father, but it’s not very melodic nor definite, although you can hear it again and again. In my mind, it represented nature as well because of the deep connection the Father has to it.

I hope you enjoy the music as much as I enjoyed it, I consider it one of David’s masterpieces.

You can get the soundtrack album here: