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Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST: The Musical Journey Awaits!

Hey everyone! I’ve got some news. The Shepherds of Haven Volume 1 OST is officially released! This has been a passion project, an attempt to capture the essence, emotions, and stories of Lena Nguyen’s brilliant video game, “Shepherds of Haven.” Dive Deep into the Soundscape This album is an orchestral whirlwind, echoing the vibes of […]

Introducing Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2

Hey folks! Guess what? “Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2” is officially here! This album is a real adventure, filled with tales of soaring airships, frosty dragon kingdoms, and plucky heroes from the heart of Reikland. Each song has its own unique story – some of them even dreamed up by you amazing folks (shoutout to […]

Working on a New Music Album Inspired by Wheel of Time

After the release of my album Fjall I started working on a new viking music album for the tabletop game Svilland by Dream Real Storytellers. It will basically be used as a soundtrack during gameplay. And I’m happy to announce I’m almost done with finishing the initial songs. Just a few more to go and […]