Important News


Hi there,

I’m writing to tell you a few important things.

First, I want to say thanks, thanks for your support, for using my music, spreading the word. I’m grateful to you and life, that my music is being found useful and pleasurable by so many fantasy lovers, dreamers, and creators.


Now, to the latest news…


On June 15th, all the stems and HQ files will be removed from Ko-fi and I will no longer upload new songs to that store. I understand many have supported me on Ko-fi or are using that library for free, so if you still haven’t downloaded what you need from there make sure you do before that date.

The Details

I’ve been struggling a bit lately to maintain this level of weekly releases and commitment, mostly for monetary reasons and time restraints.

Therefore, I’ve done some changes to the library. The first change is that I migrated it from Ko-fi to Patreon.

I’ve been receiving a lot of support from both Ko-fi and Patreon, BUT the stable income Patreon provides helps me a ton to keep things running and allows me to keep releasing free music for you and the fantasy community.

Not only that, Patreon is way more flexible in general and a more powerful tool for uploading songs.

So, how does that affects you? Ko-fi currently includes stems and HQ music files. On June 15th, I’ll be removing those from Ko-fi and those will be exclusive only to my patrons from then on.

So basically, what will remain entirely free are my songs in HQ mp3 format, which you’ll be able to download from Patreon.

Stems, loops, and WAVs will be part of the exclusive content for patrons. As a way to show them my gratitude for helping in making the library more useful and bigger with each passing week.

Also, I’ve been releasing some exclusive songs for patrons, I plan on keep doing that, along with collaborations I started doing and will keep doing with creators from the TTRPG community.

Thanks again!

I don’t want to finish this post, without thanking you again. I’m doing these modifications to the library to keep it growing and alive and I hope you can understand.


Ivan Duch