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The Sun Court

Step into the grandeur of the Sun Court, where opulence meets omnipotence. This track paints a sonic tapestry of a place dripping in gold, yet bubbling with whispered secrets. Every corner of the Autarch’s palace echoes with the quiet power of court politics and clandestine alliances. Beneath the facade of magnificent luxury, the soft chants […]

Crimson Opulence

Hey everyone! I’m teaming up with the wonderful Chibbin Grove in a one-of-a-kind collaboration! We’re breathing life into a dark yet enchanting theme centered around the captivating character of Issa Levi Von Dann, a vampire of a fascinating blend of grounded sensibility and intellectual vivacity created by Chibbin Grove. In the ancient crypt of her […]

Beneath Ground

Excerpt from Aaron’s diary: The perception of the hunt goes by the old one: what’s normal to the spider, it’s chaos to the fly. I feel the same way, crawling through the shoulder-wide tunnels with unknown slime slithering on my neck. If my information is correct, the lair is near. The problem is, I don’t […]

Blood Magic

I wrote this song for the upcoming Dream Realm Storytellers project: Bloodpunk.  The song is very peaceful since it’s going to be the underscore to the trailer for the whole project. 

The Arena Caller

This song is part of Folk, a 12 song album (2 of which were first released in Venture Forth, Chapter 1). It’s also the start of a new series, in collaboration with Chibbin Grove; Folk is a collection of colorful and eclectic characters for you to add to your tabletop endeavors. GET THE EXCLUSIVES AT […]

The Red Opera

Enter a place of macabre display, where performances are made with living actors until they aren’t anymore… Join the first row as a spectator, or the stage as part of the show… I wrote this song for the Red Opera and became once again part of The Goblin Explorer’s Endless (and Amazing) Dungeon. Check him […]

The House of Pleasures

You enter at your own risk. This is song is also part of a collab with The Goblin Explorer… This week we get to a less conventional place… even in the endless dungeon, adventurers need a break and have some much-needed rest. Too bad, as everything down here, also this parlor took a deranged turn. […]

The Embrace

For this one I imagined a vampire transforming a mortal into a night creature like himself. The heartbeat accelerates until death, and then, eternal life.

Good & Evil

I wrote this song while thinking on the internal confrontation between good and evil. Very common in vampire literature.


Yet another song for my Vampires Music Pack. This particular song is a dark combat one.


For this song I imagined vampires hiding in plain sight, in a ballet of disguises, lies and shadows.

Wasted Blood

Yet another song for my Vampires Music Pack. This particular song is a dark combat one. Relies a lot on strings and a church organ, two type of instruments I relate a lot to gothic horror and vampires. I hope you enjoy and find many uses for it.

In the Shadows

For this song I imagined vampires lurking in the shadows, waiting, hunting. Yet another song for my Vampires Pack. And this one is a premium one. Only available to my patrons and those who purchase the full pack.

At Night

This is song is part of my upcoming album Vampires. Ideal for settings such as Ravenloft or Vampire: The Masquerade. Also for creating content about vampires. This particular song is ideal for vampires hunting in the night or a party of adventurers entering a vampire’s domain.

Eerie Forest

This is a collaboration with Metal and Magic. He releases a wide variety of TTRPG supplemental content, primarily focusing on non-system-specific GM aids such as tips & tricks, ready-to-use lists or tables, and finally – his site’s most popular feature – an archive of tavern posters filled with plot hooks, downtime activities, and worldbuilding events. […]

Alchemy Lab

Here’s the first of hopefully many collabs with Chibbin Grove. This time I wrote a 20-second loop to go along with an exquisite 20 seconds animated map of an Alchemy Lab. Chibbin Grove produces maps and assets for tabletop role-playing games. This includes (but isn’t limited to) battle maps, city maps, region maps, tile maps, […]

The Carnival

“It begins with a tingle of anticipation—a sense of dread or hope, but nothing more. Out of the blue, the residents of a village sense that someone or something will soon enter their lives. Then the handbills appear—eerie, teasing flyers, promising that the Carnival is near.” I wrote this song thinking of Ravenloft’s ever-moving Carnival.