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So, I’ve been diving deep into Shepherds of Haven, and wow, it’s been a journey. This second volume has 15 tracks, and each one is inspired by the incredible universe Lena Nguyen has built—a mix of rebellion, ancient powers, and some seriously intense choices between light and darkness. The game’s world is vast, with all […]

Nebula Skirmish

Nebula Skirmish is the pulse-pounding heartbeat of the Galactic Chronicles, capturing the electrifying essence of an interstellar dogfight amidst the veils of a nebula. With every note, it paints a vivid soundscape of spaceships darting and weaving through cosmic clouds, lasers flashing in brilliant arcs against the nebulous backdrop. This track is an homage to […]

Eruption of Fire Mountain

Eruption of Fire Mountain is an intense and powerful instrumental track that captures the raw energy and danger of a battle within an active volcano. The song opens with a ominous low rumble, building in intensity as it sets the scene of a fiery inferno. Pounding drums and screeching guitars create a sense of urgency […]

The Lich Queen Palace

The Lich Queen Palace is an eerie and atmospheric instrumental song that sets the tone for a journey into the dark, mysterious realm of a powerful lich queen. Throughout the song, the listener is drawn deeper and deeper into the twisted, dark world of the lich queen, with the climax of the song reaching a […]

Defenders of the Land

Defenders of the Land is an epic and powerful instrumental track that serves as the theme for the combat in the game Shepherds of Haven. This song is written to inspire and motivate the player as they take on the role of a Shepherd of Haven, fighting against the forces of darkness that threaten the […]

Against Giants

This was commissioned by Logan from Death Angel Entertainment. He’s been working on creating some awesome card games and fantasy content. You should check it out at http://DeathAngel.Online

The Arena Caller

This song is part of Folk, a 12 song album (2 of which were first released in Venture Forth, Chapter 1). It’s also the start of a new series, in collaboration with Chibbin Grove; Folk is a collection of colorful and eclectic characters for you to add to your tabletop endeavors. GET THE EXCLUSIVES AT […]

The Red Opera

Enter a place of macabre display, where performances are made with living actors until they aren’t anymore… Join the first row as a spectator, or the stage as part of the show… I wrote this song for the Red Opera and became once again part of The Goblin Explorer’s Endless (and Amazing) Dungeon. Check him […]

Dark Encounters

Both the talented artists from Mikwewa and I are great fans of Baldur’s Gate 2. And what better way to pay homage to that classic than by making a collab to its name? This song is part of these collaborations we did together. Check it out at Mikwewa’s patreon:

The Skeleton Battle

This song was written for a free request made by the amazing guys and patrons from Cast Die Podcast. Check them out here:


This song was requested by Wkavengers and it’s about a character he plays. Here’s Aceroc background: Basically, he was abandoned as a baby in the middle of a warzone, the horseman War took him in, and he is now a God Killing Prophet/Guild Master of a Cult that Worships the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. […]

Godzilla vs Kong

I know, I normally write fantasy music, but what are King Kong and Godzilla if not fantasy? I remember being a very young kid and watching the very old King Kong movies again and again, always loved that tender monster. Godzilla always had a special place in my heart as well. I can’t remember how […]

Persian Battle

This song is product of a free request. It’s meant to be epic in nature with elements from Persian music.


The trollocs are a constant menace in the Wheel of Time series. Completely brutal and primal. I went for a very aggressive mood with the song that represents them.

The Last Stand

Yet another epic combat-oriented song. I imagined an army standing its ground in the face of almost inescapable doom for this one.

Jungle Combat

For this one, I went for a very primal percussion and some woodwinds. I thought it could be a good underscore for jungle combats and hence the name.