Givmaru Trading Harbor (Combat)

by Ivan Duch

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  • Label:
    Ivan Duch
  • Artist:
    Ivan Duch
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    collab, map, pirates,
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About this Song

Hi everyone!

This week I did a collab with the amazing and talented Tyler from Venatus Maps. He’s a legend among map creators, having worked on so many iconic maps. And it was an honor to have written music for one of his creations.

Make sure to check his amazing collection of maps at and on

The Map

This new adventure bring us to the Givmaru Trading Harbor, a riverside market square accessible by bridge, cart, cliffside stairs, or even boat!

The trading harbor posed a really fun design challenge by incorporating so many different levels of elevation between the varying buildings, wooden platforms, and stairs.

Whether chasing down a local pickpocket, taking their tavern brawl to the streets, or spying on a covert meetup at the market, your party will have any number of avenues to climb, maneuver, or drop in on the harbor.

The release delivers the standard version of the harbor as seen above alongside a nighttime variant and coming with versions without a grid as well as a whole subfolder of those same maps in VTT-appropriate compression (-85% file size).

Again, make sure to check his amazing collection of maps at

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