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The Dryad’s Lament

In the heart of the Marshes of the Dead, a solitary figure mourns – the Dryad. She’s an integral part of our journey through these haunted swamps, and her sorrow paints a poignant melody that resonates through the desolate landscape. The lament comes from a being eternally tied to the very essence of the marshes […]

The Street Urchin

This song is part of Folk, a 12 song album (2 of which were first released in Venture Forth, Chapter 1). It’s also the start of a new series, in collaboration with Chibbin Grove; Folk is a collection of colorful and eclectic characters for you to add to your tabletop endeavors. GET THE EXCLUSIVES AT […]

Forgotten Kings

Between the time when the hands of the gods create the first sunrise and the shadows that fall upon us now, there was an era of wondrous civilizations, kingdoms that spanned from the end of the sea to far beyond the mountains. We know little of their greatest achievements and prodigal magic, but here, between […]