I offer 3 types of licenses for the music in my free library:

Free Attribution License

IMPORTANT:You can’t publish these songs as stand alone tracks, music videos (music alone) nor through any music distribution organization like Distrokid, etc. IMPORTANT: Not all my songs are released under my Free Attribution License. Make sure the check the song description. Commercial use allowed! You may not under any circumstance or license claim the music as your own or anyone else.

If using music for online content, (i.e. YouTube-videos, animation, short films, commercials etc) they can be downloaded for free as long as proper credit/attribution is possible.

If proper attribution/credit is not possible, use the Patreon or Extended License.

What is proper attribution?

By proper attribution means a field in your content description where you can paste the following information (i.e. description of your YouTube-video):

Music: [Name of the song] by Ivan Duch (https://ivanduch.com)

Basically, all you have to do is to paste this line in your project description

Be sure to catch the hyperlink to this website, so that people can access it easily. Always credit the composer properly! This especially goes for royalty free music sites with much traffic. All content online with my music in it should contain proper links to this website unless it’s paid for.

Some of my content and songs are released exclusively under a paid or premium license. Such is the case for my commissions or the music I release exclusively for patrons or for my paid music packs.

Commercial use is also allowed (of course).

You can mix, edit, cut and trim the piece without restraints.

The only thing you are not allowed to do is to re-distribute the music as your own, claiming you made it.

Patreon License

Every pledge through Patreon will allow you to use all my existing and future music.

From Tier People’s Hero and above No attribution is required for the content you release during your subscription to my Patreon, but only in circumstances where the attribution is hard to do, like a live podcast, live event, etc. If in doubt please reach to me and let me know.

If you terminate your subscription to my Patreon you can no longer publish new content using my music.

As a patron you also get access to some extras and exclusive songs.

Important Details

  1. Under no circumstance are you allowed to re-distribute the music as your own, claiming you made it.
  2. You can’t re-distribute the music as stand-alone music videos or songs in any format or distribution channel. You can’t upload my music to Spotify for instance nor to YouTube as a music video.
  3. You can’t upload my music to any music stores or music distributors, even as background music. Doing such a thing could create DMCA problems for you.