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Nebula Skirmish

Nebula Skirmish is the pulse-pounding heartbeat of the Galactic Chronicles, capturing the electrifying essence of an interstellar dogfight amidst the veils of a nebula. With every note, it paints a vivid soundscape of spaceships darting and weaving through cosmic clouds, lasers flashing in brilliant arcs against the nebulous backdrop. This track is an homage to […]

The Dangerous Dola Livia

The Dangerous Dola Livia weaves a tale of allure and peril through its sultry, powerful notes—a symphony for the woman who commands attention across galaxies. Part of the Galactic Chronicles album, this track captures the essence of a character whose mystery is as deep as space itself. Each chord pulsates with her indomitable spirit and […]

Voyages of the Valiant

Set sail across the cosmos with Voyages of the Valiant, a track where heroic symphonies meet the adventurous spirit of the final frontier. Inspired by the legendary compositions of Jerry Goldsmith and the iconic voyages of Star Trek, this piece is a stellar addition to the Galactic Chronicles album. As part of the Sonic Adventures […]

Chase’s Theme

Dive into the rhythmic world of Chase, the ever-elusive leader of the Thieves Guild. This melody teases with its playful notes, echoing Chase’s own mischievous, unpredictable nature. Whirling between the upbeat antics of a master con artist and the subtle hints of a deeper, more tumultuous past, the tune flirts with elements reminiscent of his […]

Wolves in War (Defenders of the Land)

Dive into the heart of battle with this intense combat track! As tensions rise and the stakes get higher, the music mirrors the ferocity of a pack of wolves closing in on their prey. The relentless rhythm drives the urgency of conflict, while powerful harmonies echo the determination of warriors fighting for their cause. This […]

Taurox’s Roar

Experience the raw power of the Kindred leader unleashed in the Bluesong’s arena. This track pulsates with the spirit of the fight and the thrill of the spectacle. —I’m stoked to share about one of my greatest artistic collaborations to date. I had the great opportunity to team up with the exceptional David Armsby, widely […]


Dive into the intriguing dynamics of civilization against wildness in SAURIA. This track captures attempts to capture that first introduction to the conflict. — I’m stoked to share about one of my greatest artistic collaborations to date. I had the great opportunity to team up with the exceptional David Armsby, widely recognized for his YouTube […]

March of the Heroes

Under the vast sky, an army of valiant hearts set forth. The heroes, children of the land, marched towards the encroaching Shadow.  With armor gleaming and banners aloft, they moved as one, their rhythm echoing the steady pulse of their homeland’s heart.  Each step was a testament to their indomitable will, their march a melody […]

Eruption of Fire Mountain

Eruption of Fire Mountain is an intense and powerful instrumental track that captures the raw energy and danger of a battle within an active volcano. The song opens with a ominous low rumble, building in intensity as it sets the scene of a fiery inferno. Pounding drums and screeching guitars create a sense of urgency […]

The Volcano

“The Volcano” is an intense and powerful instrumental track that captures the raw energy and danger of a battle within an active volcano. The song opens with a ominous low rumble, building in intensity as it sets the scene of a fiery inferno. Pounding drums and screeching guitars create a sense of urgency and danger, […]

Defenders of the Land

Defenders of the Land is an epic and powerful instrumental track that serves as the theme for the combat in the game Shepherds of Haven. This song is written to inspire and motivate the player as they take on the role of a Shepherd of Haven, fighting against the forces of darkness that threaten the […]

Man the Harpoons

The gigantic flying behemoths known as skywhales are a sight to behold – peaceful filter feeders that float high in the air, providing shade and rest to the many creatures of the sky. For the whalers of Bolarius, the ever-elusive skywhales represent survival, as the oil rendered from their blubber and the medicine distilled from […]

Black Shadow

Black Shadow is about the apprentice’s final confrontation with the dark within and without. An encounter of epic dimensions that will change everything.

Out of the Nest

This song is packing some action, I imagined a druid apprentice giving its first steps into an unknown world. Not without its perils and challenges.

Against Giants

This was commissioned by Logan from Death Angel Entertainment. He’s been working on creating some awesome card games and fantasy content. You should check it out at http://DeathAngel.Online

The Arena Caller

This song is part of Folk, a 12 song album (2 of which were first released in Venture Forth, Chapter 1). It’s also the start of a new series, in collaboration with Chibbin Grove; Folk is a collection of colorful and eclectic characters for you to add to your tabletop endeavors. GET THE EXCLUSIVES AT […]


This one is pompous, a cheerful fanfare for heroic achievements and endings.

The Red Opera

Enter a place of macabre display, where performances are made with living actors until they aren’t anymore… Join the first row as a spectator, or the stage as part of the show… I wrote this song for the Red Opera and became once again part of The Goblin Explorer’s Endless (and Amazing) Dungeon. Check him […]

Dark Encounters

Both the talented artists from Mikwewa and I are great fans of Baldur’s Gate 2. And what better way to pay homage to that classic than by making a collab to its name? This song is part of these collaborations we did together. Check it out at Mikwewa’s patreon:

The Embrace

For this one I imagined a vampire transforming a mortal into a night creature like himself. The heartbeat accelerates until death, and then, eternal life.

The North Wind

This song was inspired by The Hidden Blade. A new and great book by author Marie Mullany. The music tries to capture the main protagonist, which is a very interesting character and a breath of fresh air on what is the fantasy genre. You can get the book here:

Wasted Blood

This a synth-based rendition of my previous song: Wasted Blood. Meant for vampire combat in modern nights.


Yet another song for my Vampires Music Pack. This particular song is a dark combat one.

Sabotage Aboard the MNO

Today’s song is product of a collab with Venatus Maps and inspired by another addition to Venatus Maps’s Great Expanse setting and a direct accompaniment to last month’s Pugolite Crossing map, which had in turn been built specifically with the MNO Train Cars in mind. Unfortunately, those same Train Cars have taken a bit of […]

The Desert Clans

A legendary Azerite Obelisk has been found. The nomad clans will fight for it, hoping that with it they will discover ancient desert secrets… I wrote this song for my latest collab, Sands of Dawn. I hope you enjoy it.

Wasted Blood

Yet another song for my Vampires Music Pack. This particular song is a dark combat one. Relies a lot on strings and a church organ, two type of instruments I relate a lot to gothic horror and vampires. I hope you enjoy and find many uses for it.

The Void Dragon

This week I did a collab with the amazing Cze and Peku. They specialize in fantasy maps for roleplaying games like DnD and have been sharing their talent with the TTRPG community for a long time now, creating some of the most amazing maps. So it was really an honor for me to put music […]

The Kiss

I wrote this song while thinking on the internal confrontation between good and evil. Very common in the vampire literature.

To The North

I wrote this song while thinking of an epic journey. A trip to the far and freezing north. Through mountains, snow, and mist.

The Skeleton Battle

This song was written for a free request made by the amazing guys and patrons from Cast Die Podcast. Check them out here:


This Viking song is about blacksmithing, the Norse didn’t have a Viking god per se but Wayland the Smith was a strong figure related to smithing, and so I chose to write this song inspired by him.


This song was requested by Wkavengers and it’s about a character he plays. Here’s Aceroc background: Basically, he was abandoned as a baby in the middle of a warzone, the horseman War took him in, and he is now a God Killing Prophet/Guild Master of a Cult that Worships the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse. […]

Godzilla vs Kong

I know, I normally write fantasy music, but what are King Kong and Godzilla if not fantasy? I remember being a very young kid and watching the very old King Kong movies again and again, always loved that tender monster. Godzilla always had a special place in my heart as well. I can’t remember how […]

Alkazaar’s Appendix

“Alkazaar’s Appendix” by Adam Lee, is a mystery whereby the adventurers must find out why a stone golem wanders the Anauroch. That’s the module that inspired this desert song and part of the Candlekeep Mysteries Dungeons & Dragons module.

Persian Battle

This song is product of a free request. It’s meant to be epic in nature with elements from Persian music.

Battle Ambience

This song is part of my Atmospheres album, covering an array of fantasy ambients. I’d call it fantasy elevator music, meant to suggest a place and mood. Ideal for writers, D&D players or anyone wanting to be transported somewhere far away. IMPORTANT: this ambience includes royaly free SFXs that were licensed to me, I wouldn’t […]


The Varangian Guard was an elite unit of the Byzantine Army from the tenth to the fourteenth century and its members served as personal bodyguards to the Byzantine Emperors.

The Sea Wolves

This Viking song is about the struggle in the Vikings Age: combat, raiding, and whatnot. For this song, I ended up recording some vocals and a real tagelharpa I recently bought.


This songs is inspired by the old norse word Drengr. According to Jackson Crawford, there is no higher compliment in Old Norse than to call a man or woman a ‘drengr,’ which in the sagas implies both reckless courage and a code of fair play. The word is also common in Viking-Age runic inscriptions.


The trollocs are a constant menace in the Wheel of Time series. Completely brutal and primal. I went for a very aggressive mood with the song that represents them.

Light Against Dark

This song just like Marching Forward was inspired by Star Wars and John Williams orchestration. I was thinking of the constant struggle between the light and the dark side that dominates the movies.

The Last Stand

Yet another epic combat-oriented song. I imagined an army standing its ground in the face of almost inescapable doom for this one.

Jungle Combat

For this one, I went for a very primal percussion and some woodwinds. I thought it could be a good underscore for jungle combats and hence the name.

Bloodied Sword

This song is paying homage to Basil Poledouris’s Conan. It’s a soundtrack I love and I’m considering working on a music pack focused on that very classic epic vibe. That said it is one of my oldest songs and I also had to recycle it quite a bit.

Marching Forward

This song was initially inspired by Star Wars in a way, specifically by some of John Williams’s orchestrations. It definitely has a more classical flavor to it.

Catch it

This action song is ideal for pursuits and other types of action scenes.