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The House of Pleasures

You enter at your own risk. This is song is also part of a collab with The Goblin Explorer… This week we get to a less conventional place… even in the endless dungeon, adventurers need a break and have some much-needed rest. Too bad, as everything down here, also this parlor took a deranged turn. […]

The Embrace

For this one I imagined a vampire transforming a mortal into a night creature like himself. The heartbeat accelerates until death, and then, eternal life.


For this song I imagined vampires hiding in plain sight, in a ballet of disguises, lies and shadows.

In the Shadows (Modern Nights)

For this song I imagined vampires lurking in the shadows, waiting, hunting. Yet another song for my Vampires Pack. And this one is a premium one. Only available to my patrons and those who purchase the full pack.

Penumbral Curse

This patron-exclusive song was written as part of an upcoming collab with Kelfecil’s Tales. A very interesting adventure module involving a green dragon and a curse. Hence the mix between a natural sound and dark vibes.

The Toy Maker

A toy shop? In the middle of The Endless Dungeon? Who can be so insane? Little trains, a doll, stuffed dragons, wooden swords… how nice. Wait, this doll again? I’ve seen this doll before… I have the weird feeling I’m being watched. This week I wrote an ambience for a Mad Toy Maker and became […]

Staring Abyss

Their names have been forgotten for so long… they are the Forgotten Ones. And as a machine without purpose as a traveler without destination they are sleeping and waiting. But don’t get confused by their inaction, their power has not fizzled out and the whole world shall see their might when they awaken once again… […]

Eerie Forest

This is a collaboration with Metal and Magic. He releases a wide variety of TTRPG supplemental content, primarily focusing on non-system-specific GM aids such as tips & tricks, ready-to-use lists or tables, and finally – his site’s most popular feature – an archive of tavern posters filled with plot hooks, downtime activities, and worldbuilding events. […]

The Carnival

“It begins with a tingle of anticipation—a sense of dread or hope, but nothing more. Out of the blue, the residents of a village sense that someone or something will soon enter their lives. Then the handbills appear—eerie, teasing flyers, promising that the Carnival is near.” I wrote this song thinking of Ravenloft’s ever-moving Carnival.

Haunted Mansion

I’ve been working on a horror soundtrack for a video game along with other commissions and so I thought I could keep with that vibe and make a Haunted Mansion ambiance for you all.

Dark Dungeon

his song is part of my Atmospheres album, covering an array of fantasy ambients. I’d call it fantasy elevator music, meant to suggest a place and mood. Ideal for writers, D&D players or anyone wanting to be transported somewhere far away. IMPORTANT: this ambience includes royaly free SFXs that were licensed to me, I wouldn’t […]

Escape from Shadar Logoth

This song was born from a collaboration with Malkier Talks, a great YouTube channel about Wheel of Time. For those who didn’t read Wheel of Time, it’s about a specific chapter in the Eye of the World where the protagonists escape from the horrors of Shadar Logoth.