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The Zamboula Dancer

Hey everyone, dive into the shadowy worlds of Robert E. Howard with “The Cimmerian,” my latest album. This project was actually chosen by you all—my awesome community—and it’s been such a thrill bringing it to life. It’s inspired by the wild, mythic scenes that Howard painted in his stories, and I’ve mixed some deep, ominous […]

The Helix

David Armsby’s Sauria’s second movie is out and it’s been an amazing journey I have resonated deeply with, which paradoxically made it harder for me to make up my mind regarding the direction I wanted to take with it. If you still haven’t watched the movie: I started by spotting the whole movie and […]

Briony’s Theme

So, I’ve been diving deep into Shepherds of Haven, and wow, it’s been a journey. This second volume has 15 tracks, and each one is inspired by the incredible universe Lena Nguyen has built—a mix of rebellion, ancient powers, and some seriously intense choices between light and darkness. The game’s world is vast, with all […]

The Ascendancy Festival

So, I’ve been diving deep into Shepherds of Haven, and wow, it’s been a journey. This second volume has 15 tracks, and each one is inspired by the incredible universe Lena Nguyen has built—a mix of rebellion, ancient powers, and some seriously intense choices between light and darkness. The game’s world is vast, with all […]

The Elementals

So, I’ve been diving deep into Shepherds of Haven, and wow, it’s been a journey. This second volume has 15 tracks, and each one is inspired by the incredible universe Lena Nguyen has built—a mix of rebellion, ancient powers, and some seriously intense choices between light and darkness. The game’s world is vast, with all […]

Red’s Theme

Dive into the world of Liefred, fondly known as “Red”, the passionate Traveler who teleports through ancient mysteries with an academic fervor. The tune moves through vibrant orchestrations that mirror his infectious charisma, a testament to his boundless enthusiasm for forgotten tales and otherworldly adventures. Gentle undertones mirror his tender, compassionate nature, a grounding force […]

Riel’s Theme

Step into the meticulously arranged world of Riel, Haven’s “merchant prince.” Through calculated piano strokes and sophisticated classical undertones, the melody captures the essence of a mastermind at work – precise, relentless, and always several steps ahead. Each note represents Riel’s pristine orderliness and his penchant for perfection, while the occasional crescendo alludes to his […]

Chase’s Theme

Dive into the rhythmic world of Chase, the ever-elusive leader of the Thieves Guild. This melody teases with its playful notes, echoing Chase’s own mischievous, unpredictable nature. Whirling between the upbeat antics of a master con artist and the subtle hints of a deeper, more tumultuous past, the tune flirts with elements reminiscent of his […]

Trouble’s Theme

Dive into the tempestuous world of Trouble, a gunslinger with a heart as vast as his reputation. This track is a whirlwind of bold brass and blazing trumpets, capturing the essence of a man who is both explosive and deeply empathetic. Amidst the vivacious ska and jazz beats, a hint of cowboy twang weaves in, […]

The Trade Minister’s Gala

Step into the opulent world of the Trade Minister’s grand birthday soiree. This track effortlessly blends sophistication with underlying intrigue, perfect for a party where every glance has meaning, and every dance step could be a dance with danger. As the notes of the waltz swirl around, one can’t help but get swept up in […]

The Golden Way (Betting on Luck)

Embark on a lively adventure down the bustling back-alleys of the Golden Way! This upbeat, folky track captures the heart and spirit of the city’s hidden gambling haven. Amidst the delightful chaos of makeshift games, milk crates, and stools, players try their luck in games that range from blackjack to dice rolls. While the city […]

March of the War-torn Days

I have the pleasure of presenting a fresh musical piece, “March of the War-torn Days,” a hearty tavern song that springs straight from the adventures of a unique band of heroes. This tune was specially commissioned by Alex (also known as Berytak), one of my amazing patrons and winner of the latest Minstrels of Mirth […]

March of the Heroes

Under the vast sky, an army of valiant hearts set forth. The heroes, children of the land, marched towards the encroaching Shadow.  With armor gleaming and banners aloft, they moved as one, their rhythm echoing the steady pulse of their homeland’s heart.  Each step was a testament to their indomitable will, their march a melody […]

Crimson Opulence

Hey everyone! I’m teaming up with the wonderful Chibbin Grove in a one-of-a-kind collaboration! We’re breathing life into a dark yet enchanting theme centered around the captivating character of Issa Levi Von Dann, a vampire of a fascinating blend of grounded sensibility and intellectual vivacity created by Chibbin Grove. In the ancient crypt of her […]

The Minstrels of Mirth Show

Ladies and gentlemen, gather ’round and listen close! Tonight, we have a rare and wondrous treat for you all here at our humble tavern. It is my great honor and privilege to present to you a band like no other – the Minstrels of Mirth! These talented musicians have traveled far and wide, weaving tales […]

The Wyrm’s Bane Heroes

Hey there! I wanted to share a bit about my song “The Wyrm’s Bane Heroes.” It’s a track I have a lot of fun creating, as it tells an epic tale of a group of brave adventurers facing off against a fearsome dragon. I tried to craft the music in a way that really captures […]

The Shadow Thief

Hey there! I’m excited to share some details about my song “The Shadow Thief.” Creating this track was an absolute delight, as it tells the whimsical and playful story of a thief on a peculiar mission to steal his own shadow. I crafted the music to reflect the lighthearted and quirky nature of the tale, […]

Betting on Luck

Betting on Luck is a high-energy, fast-paced song that captures the excitement and thrill of gambling. The song is perfect for scenes set in gambling dens, as it builds tension with its driving beat and frenzied piano melodies. The song was written for Shepherds of Haven’s gambling scenes, providing a fitting soundtrack to the characters’ […]

Man the Harpoons

The gigantic flying behemoths known as skywhales are a sight to behold – peaceful filter feeders that float high in the air, providing shade and rest to the many creatures of the sky. For the whalers of Bolarius, the ever-elusive skywhales represent survival, as the oil rendered from their blubber and the medicine distilled from […]

Out of the Nest

This song is packing some action, I imagined a druid apprentice giving its first steps into an unknown world. Not without its perils and challenges.

The Innkeeper

This song is part of Folk, a 12 song album (2 of which were first released in Venture Forth, Chapter 1). It’s also the start of a new series, in collaboration with Chibbin Grove; Folk is a collection of colorful and eclectic characters for you to add to your tabletop endeavors. GET THE EXCLUSIVES AT […]


This one is pompous, a cheerful fanfare for heroic achievements and endings.

Winter Plaza

All kinds of denizens lurk around, and Sandport folk will invite you in over a heated cup of mulled wine, pepper cookies, and a good portion of town news (or gossip, if you will!). You will see that Sandportians are warm people, even when their beloved town is under the soft white coat. To your […]

Cheerful Forest

This song is about a Cheerful Forest, and reminiscent of that old JRPG vibe. It was requested by one of my patrons who is about to update his video game and needed some music to go with it. You can check out the game at:


This song was inspired and requested by Bogus Cheesecake who is creating a beautiful dnd 5e setting supplement called Bolarius. It’s about airships, skywhales and peace. Very reminiscent of Miyazaki’s movies. Learn more about it here:


A beautiful medieval town near the river, evergreen. And the folk gathered for a medieval festival. Enjoy!


For this song I imagined vampires hiding in plain sight, in a ballet of disguises, lies and shadows.

A Cozy Tavern

I wrote this song for a collab with Maptime With Dad. With whom I started collaborating this week. He went into a lot of detail, working on replicating the Prancing Pony from the Lord of the Rings movies, and ended up with an amazing tavern map I plan to be using on my own D&D […]

Givmaru Trading Harbor (Ambience)

Hi everyone! This week I did a collab with the amazing and talented Tyler from Venatus Maps. He’s a legend among map creators, having worked on so many iconic maps. And it was an honor to have written music for one of his creations. Make sure to check his amazing collection of maps at […]

Plankers Cove

This week we did a collab with the Awesome Miks.Maps. And the theme could be no other than pirates =). Cpt. William Planker is known as the Patron of every Pirate roaming the seas. It was he who built Plankers Cove. A Safe Haven for the most wanted Pirates there are. Plankers Cove is a […]

The Carnival

“It begins with a tingle of anticipation—a sense of dread or hope, but nothing more. Out of the blue, the residents of a village sense that someone or something will soon enter their lives. Then the handbills appear—eerie, teasing flyers, promising that the Carnival is near.” I wrote this song thinking of Ravenloft’s ever-moving Carnival.

Happy Times

This song was part of my collaboration with Cast Die Podcast and was one of the many ideas that were on the table during the production of their intro. This ended up being very different from the main intro I wrote so I thought I might as well publish it as exclusive content,


I wrote this while hiking the mountains around my house on a sunny day. I think it’s ideal for hopeful/adventurous situations on the road.

A Lion’s Pride

For this song, I imagined a tribe singing in celebration after a young member of the tribe faces a lion to become an adult.

The Bazaar

This song is a product of a free request on my Discord server. It’s mostly background music for describing a fantasy middle east city named Samar.


This Viking song is about the jötunn Ægir from Norse mythology and host of the Æsir. Will writing it I imagined the gods having a feast, gathered at Ægir’s court.

Tavern Ambience

This song is part of my Atmospheres album, covering an array of fantasy ambiences. I’d call it fantasy elevator music, meant to suggest a place and mood. Ideal for writers, D&D players or anyone wanting to be transported somewhere far away. IMPORTANT: this ambience includes royaly free SFXs that were licensed to me, I wouldn’t […]

Red Fox Tavern

Red Fox Tavern, is a special and cozy tavern in a fantasy land. Come in, grab a glass of ale, and dance to the rhythm of fiddles.