March of the War-torn Days

by Ivan Duch

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  • Album:
    Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2
  • Artist:
    Ivan Duch
  • Duration:
    2 minutes
  • Release Date:
  • Moods:
  • Genre:
    Tavern Music

About this Song

I have the pleasure of presenting a fresh musical piece, “March of the War-torn Days,” a hearty tavern song that springs straight from the adventures of a unique band of heroes. This tune was specially commissioned by Alex (also known as Berytak), one of my amazing patrons and winner of the latest Minstrels of Mirth Giveaway.

You may recall Alex previously commissioned a song for his Warhammer TTRPG setting, Whispers of Chaos. This time, we decided to follow the same thematic rhythm but with a more jovial tone (if you listen to both you’ll notice the similarities). The song recounts the stories of his players’ characters in Reikland.

“March of the War-torn Days” is a delightful mixture of narrative and melody, replete with stories of bewitched elves, drunken lawyers, clumsy spies, ladish herbalists, and not-so-righteous guardians. Each verse, carefully penned by Alex and adapted to our melody, depicts a character and their distinct quirks, adding layers of depth and humor to this spirited song.

Just imagine, while sitting in a bustling tavern filled with clinks of mugs and bursts of laughter, The Minstrels of Mirth start strumming the opening chords of our song. The room goes quiet, and the patrons listen as the bard regales them with the daring exploits and delightful mishaps of Tile, Gobel, Goffhilf, Ulrik, and Merlin. By the time the chorus rings out, everyone is singing along, raising their glasses in a toast to these unusual heroes.

I’d like to extend my deepest gratitude to Alex for allowing me to transform his words into music and for his continued support. To the rest of you, my patrons, your unwavering encouragement fuels these musical endeavors, and for that, I am eternally thankful.

As always, I look forward to hearing your thoughts on our newest song. Enjoy the mirth-filled melody of “March of the War-torn Days”!

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This song also includes an instrumental version.

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