Searching for a theme


In the spirit of keeping you all updated about the upcoming album Tribes, I want to share with you the way I’m envisioning the album in my head.

Mainly, there’s going to be an all-encompassing theme for the album, which is going to basically be in the DNA of all the songs.

This theme represents nature, and oddly enough it’s something I wrote while sitting at the piano when I was a kid and I never published it anyway so it definitely has a deep emotional meaning to me, and it always represented the same thing to me in a way, through all those years.

At the same time, that’s the topic of the whole album for me, humanity (in its many forms) and its connection with nature. It so happens that this is a Fantasy album, and so humanity is represented in the many fantasy folks that populate our dreams: Wood elves, fae, orcs, barbarians, and more.

So here’s the theme:

And you can listen to a very rough piano version of it, played by my notation software. I added it as an attachment. 

You can hear in the audio, the theme being played a second time, this time it’s transformed into something similar but different. You can expect to find that all across the album, the theme develops and shows different aspects of it, as you encounter the different races represented in the music.

I hope you found the update interesting, and while we are at it, I want to mention that I’m currently working on other two upcoming albums: Venture Forth, Chapter V, and another which is a big collab with Lena Nguyen, an amazing fantasy writer which you should all check. You can expect more news on that collaboration soon.

As always, thanks for reading and listening,