The Valleys of Death (Scarborough Fair Cover)

by Ivan Duch

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  • Album:
    Minstrels of Mirth, Chapter 2
  • Artist:
    Ivan Duch
  • Duration:
    4 minutes
  • Release Date:
  • Moods:
  • Genre:
    Tavern Music

About this Song

Hello everyone,

This one was specially commissioned by Katla, for her extraordinary animated series. This hauntingly beautiful piece is an adaptation of the traditional melody of Scarborough Fair, albeit with a darker and more poignant undertone.

Let’s delve into the world behind the song: set amidst the grandeur of seven mighty dragon kingdoms, humanity has been relegated to a minor role in a story dominated by the powerful and cultured dragons. Our main character, Skua, is a young ice dragon who is called to serve her queen in a series of battles and conflicts.

The song itself paints a vivid picture of a pre-battle scene where soldiers, awaiting the dawn of an imminent attack, find solace in a moment of quietude. As one of them starts singing this song, a profound silence ensues, a testament to the powerful emotions evoked by the lyrics. In the background, the anticipation of the forthcoming battle lingers, creating a tension-filled atmosphere that is simultaneously riveting and eerie.

I was inspired by the beautiful lyrics provided by Katla, which have been adapted to suit the melodic framework of Scarborough Fair. It tells a tale of loyalty and sacrifice, of powerful magic and the courage to face a dangerous destiny. It’s about Skua’s determination and her bond to her queen, beautifully encapsulated in the refrain “My ice and my wings will forever be yours.”

I’m excited to announce that this song will feature in the second episode of Katla’s series. For a glimpse of the world this song is a part of, check out the first episode here:

My heartfelt thanks to Katla for trusting me with this project and to all of you, my patrons, for your continued support. Your encouragement allows me to explore and contribute to various creative realms like these, and for that, I am eternally grateful.

As always, your feedback and thoughts are greatly appreciated. Enjoy the song!

Stay tuned for more musical adventures,

This songs include one instrumental variant.

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