Sonic Adventures


Sonic Adventures is all about a communal musical journey where your input matters! You can join in the decision-making process for each album’s theme through polls, live streams, and even song requests.

Patrons get early access to new songs. After the first 5 songs of a theme, we’ll vote on whether to continue it or start a new one.

Click here to participate in the latest poll. All patrons have voting power, even those in my $1 tier.

Let’s Collaborate: Help Me Choose the Next Musical Theme | Ivan Duch on Patreon

If you’re a patron and want to make a song request for the current theme go here Requests – Ivan Duch


Welcome to an immersive musical journey, where your voice is heard, and your creativity is valued. Let’s dive into a world of thematic albums, where every theme we explore is a shared journey.

I’m thrilled to invite you to participate in the crafting of my upcoming thematic albums. I work on one theme at a time, punctuated only by unique collaborations or commissions. Each theme is a world to be discovered, an atmosphere to be felt, a story to be told, and you’re invited to be a part of this journey.

Our Shared Musical Journey

As a Patreon, you join a vibrant community shaping the music I create. It’s all about us venturing through a world of thematic albums together, with your creativity highly valued.

Your Votes Shape the Music

Every member of my Patreon has the opportunity to participate in our thematic polls, where we decide together the next musical universe we’ll explore. Your votes shape the music I create.

Join the Conversation

To further engage with our community, I’ll be periodically hosting live streams on YouTube and Twitch open to the whole community before we embark on each theme. During these streams, we’ll chat about the upcoming theme, share ideas, and visualize together how we want the album to unfold.

Early Access to Songs

Once a theme is chosen, I dive into the creative journey, releasing songs weekly on Patreon. As a patron, you’ll have early access to these songs, including premium tracks created specifically for each theme. You’ll hear the theme come to life, song by song, week by week. The rest of the community can opt to purchase the album once it’s released or download the songs I release for free in The Collection.

Deciding Our Journey

When we reach the 5-song milestone, we decide together whether to continue exploring the current theme for an extra 3 songs or embark on a new journey. This decision is made via a poll, where every voice counts.

More Than Music: Building a Community

This process is not just about creating music; it’s about building a community around shared experiences, stories, and creativity. It’s about making the process of music creation a collaborative experience, where everyone can contribute.

Join the fellowship of the song

Together, let’s turn every album into a journey, every song into a shared experience. Join the process, influence the music, and let’s create together.

Here’s a link to the latest poll, Anyone with a Patreon account can participate, although it’s not needed to be one of my Patreon supports to be able to vote on a theme, only to be able to request songs, get the premium, and get early access.

Let’s Collaborate: Help Me Choose the Next Musical Theme | Ivan Duch on Patreon