The Story Behind The Collection - Ivan Duch

The Story Behind The Collection


For starters, it’s a compilation of the music I’ve been writing since 2018 when I first decided I wanted to spend my days writing fantasy music. It’s been a long road since then.

Before that, I used to work as a music teacher, was involved with some rock bands, and had a few years working as a web developer to makeĀ ends meet while trying to kickstart my career as a composer.

But back to The Collection…

Every album in The Collection has a meaning and has been a journey for me.

The Dragon Tales series were my initial step into the genre, and an attempt to capture that old-school orchestral vibe I grew up with. 

Then I switched to Fjall, an album full of meaning for me, in which I explored themes about nature and Norse culture.

And moved forward with Two Rivers Tales, inspired by The Wheel of Time series by Robert Jordan, and then Vampires, mostly inspired by the works of Anne Rice.

As you might be realizing, reading is a big inspiration for me, but also is nature. I write most of my music on paper and away from the computer. Only sit down in front of a screen during the production process. 

This is very important to me and makes the whole process more enjoyable and meaningful.

Anyway, I’m working on creating videos about the whole process behind my albums, what inspired them, their themes, struggles, and ideas. I hope to be releasing all of that soon.