Upcoming Releases: From Sauria to Galactic Chronicles and Beyond!

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Hey everyone,

Get ready for an exciting musical journey ahead!

First off, I’m thrilled to announce that when Sauria: Blood for Blood is released, an entire album will be available to you. This will include not just the main tracks but loops, stems, and ambiance versions. And for my Foundry module users, all this will be included at that time! I’ll be collaborating with David Armsby in his next two movies so expect more on that front.

Next, I’m wrapping up Tribes and you’ll start seeing songs published as early access next week. Expect to find synth versions and ambient sounds that could be the perfect fit for a sci-fi campaign. The futuristic twists on these tracks are something I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on. In my head, I picture futuristic urban tribes or even alien civilizations which can fit into each specific archetype.

But that’s not all, Galactic Chronicles is coming up next. I’m almost done with one of the songs, and you’ll see it published most likely this week, along with several variations. As with Tribes, each song will include ambiances but also synth versions. So it will have an orchestral space opera vibe but also a sci-fi vibe useful for those who are expecting a futuristic sci-fi album from this particular theme.

I’m also honored to collaborate with Kruggsmash on one of his latest creations. This album, which will be published here on Patreon, features some musical experiments that I hope you’ll find intriguing and useful. I’ve crafted a multi-layered 2-minute song, allowing you to add layers that transition from peaceful background music to intense combat scenes. And yes, there’s a synth layer if you’re in a sci-fi mood! The flexibility and epicness of these layers were a challenge, and if you end up loving it, I’ll make sure to create more like this in the future. 🚀

Your support makes all of this possible, and I can’t wait to share these creations with you. Feel free to share your thoughts and preferences, and stay tuned for more updates!